Call for Application : EU-LI-PHE Training School

Call for Application : EU-LI-PHE Training School

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Call for applicants: 1st Training School of EU-LI-PHE: “Phenotyping technologies in animals”

We are thrilled to announce the first EU-LI-PHE Training School focused on Phenotyping Technologies in Animals. The event will take place from June 18th to June 21st, 2024, and will be hosted by ILVO in Merelbeke, Belgium.

The training school will be conducted onsite. A hybrid mode will be activated only if the number of applications exceeds the onsite capacity. Trainees are eligible for reimbursement only if they come from COST countries.

High-throughput phenotyping technologies are growing in importance in livestock systems, due to their ability to generate real-time, non-invasive, and accurate animal-level information. However, to-date, relatively few clear commercial applications have been recognized in animals, mainly due to i) the fragmentation of the livestock production sector and the heterogeneity of the production systems, ii) the large differences between species, iii) the technical complications associated with high-throughput phenotyping of moving animals, and iv) the need for further scientific advancements and knowledge to enhance the current state-of-the-art.

A major goal of the EU-LI-PHE COST Action is to generate and disseminate knowledge about emerging and innovative animal phenotyping technologies and approaches to dissecting, cataloguing, and understanding animal phenomes. Meanwhile, we also aim to prepare the next generation of animal scientists for the advent of phenomics.

We look forward to a productive and enriching training experience!

For detailed application instructions, please refer to the instructions provided here.

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